Course Curriculum

    1. A Message from the Instructor

    2. Welcome

    3. Setting Your Learning Intention

    4. Learning Mindset

    1. A Star Lights The Way

    2. Tapping Into Your Background Knowledge

    3. Empathy Definition

    4. Checking for Understanding

    5. Reflection

    1. Introducing the Heuristic

    2. Heuristic Walk Through

    3. Checking for Understanding

    4. Learning in Action

    5. Checking for Understanding

    6. Reflection

    1. The Challenge- Intro

    2. Before You Begin The Challenge...

    3. The Challenge

    4. The Challenge- Debrief

    5. Power Reflection

    1. Review

    2. Up-leveling

    3. Next Steps

About this course

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Meet the Instructor...

Chief Leadership Officer, ExuLAB D.C. Alves M.Ed.

Hi, I'm Deidre. Inspiring, encouraging and providing hope to leaders at all levels is core to my purpose as Chief Leadership Officer at ExuLAB. I've been in the world of professional learning and leadership development for almost two decades and I have seen the best and the worst of what leadership can do and be in this world. Leaders possess a very unique power and responsibility. It is my goal to help leaders harness this power to be a catalyst for good in the world. Real ROI is developing and believing in your purpose & the people on your team- when this happens profits soar and people prosper- on many levels. My goal is to teach you the best of what I discovered and be your guide on this journey to excellent executive performance.